Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 on 10: april edition

It's our April edition of 10 on 10.

Wondering what 10 on 10 is? Ten photographers from around the U.S. post 10 photographs on the 10th of each month. We link to each other's posts to complete a circle.

This past month I didn't have anything special going on. Our days were pretty mundane. Since I did post 10 photographs from one of our days in the February edition (see here) I needed to change it up a bit this time around.

This month I chose 10 photographs over the past month to showcase. Again, not very exciting but they are some of the highlights from our past thirty days.
I hope you enjoy!

ummm.... love waking up and making our special donuts. Found the recipe on Pinterest and now I have such a hard time eating the donuts from the donut shop.

this day we were headed to church.

first time counting her saved up money

 special spring/easter/birthday cake for grandma p. I had "help" putting the candles on top.

the aftermath

working on some easter eggs.

these have become our new bath toys each night. Meet Blond Jenna, Brunette Jenna, Red Dress Jenna, and Ponytail Jenna. (BTW - I did not come up with the original names. A certain 3 year old did.)

Breath in.... breath out.

Please head over to Heather Humphrey's 10 on 10 edition.
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  1. THAT CAKE!!! I love it! You photographed everything so beautifully - I really love all the food shots especially! - 'keep calm and birthday on' - so great!

  2. I love all the color in this post!! And that banner around the birthday cake is so super cute!!